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World Health Summit 2016

What if we fail to eradicate polio? Good question

The global public health initiative to eradicate polio is "not a done deal." That's the consensus at the 2016 World Health Summit in Berlin. There is plenty of potential for us to fail. On three counts.

Namibia turns to circumcision to prevent spread of HIV

HIV is no longer a "death sentence" - if you have access to the drugs. But more needs to be done to prevent HIV, as Namibia's health minister Bernard Haufiku told DW at the World Health Summit in Berlin.

Astronaut Peake: space was 'great'

Three days after returning to Earth, the British astronaut called his six-month stay at the International Space Station a "huge privilege." Peake is undergoing health checks at the European Space Agency's Envihab.

10 crazy inventions you never thought you'd see (and probably never will)

With some of the world's best inventors gathering at "Inventions Geneva" this week, we thought we'd try our hand at conceptualizing 10 amazing new ideas. Here they are. But be warned: they're a bit whacky. Read it on

Next stop Lindau: The Nobel meeting that rehabilitated German science after the Nazis

The 2015 Nobel Prize science winners have joined a select group - they are now "Nobel Laureates." Once a year laureates meet at Lindau, a small town on Lake Constance that helped restore trust in post-war German science. Read it on

Video tape recorders hit the market 60 years ago

In 1956, the first video tape recorders hit the market. It was almost another 10 years before they became part of "home entertainment." Bet you've still got a few VHS tapes lying around… Read it on

Opinion: Stop Silicon Valley colonizing space!

Sure, space exploration costs money. And Internet entrepreneurs have lots of it. But we've got to stop the likes of Milner, Zuckerberg and Musk expanding their power beyond Earth. Opinion piece by me. Read it on

Desperately seeking the Nobel Prize in computer science

In its 115-year history, the Nobel Prize has endured just one innovation - the prize in economic sciences. It could use an update. It needs a dedicated prize for computer science, says Zulfikar Abbany.

Dear Data: Some stones should be left unturned

Europe's gravitational waves detector in space

After three months of operation, LISA Pathfinder scientists are confident their technology "exceeds expectations." Europe may now become the first collective to investigate gravitational waves in space.

Going to the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting? It's time we talked network science

The potential for networking is huge at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. But will it change the science we do? Network expert Guido Caldarelli tells DW it is hard to get reliable data.

CeBIT: the Hanover technology fair drones on

The dronemasters were out en masse at this year's CeBIT technology fair (14-18 March 2016). Check out this "social" photo gallery I made specifically for sharing on Twitter using Hype3. This one's a GIF export, so it's lo-res.

Albrecht: We want digitalization and automation, if privacy is built in by design

No one wants to turn back the clocks of our technological development, says German Greens MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht. But privacy and data protection need to be built into the Internet of Things by design.