Some routes in London are faster traveled on foot

By Zulfikar Abbany (filmed in London). Published by DW.COM, 27 November 2017.

Transport for London has used its trove of data to show how some routes are faster when you walk in London.

I "tested" this on a short trip between Charing Cross Tube station (Trafalgar Square) and Westminster, where the UK Houses of Parliament are located. It took me about 12 minutes on foot and 17 minutes on the Underground. But, then, I do tend to walk unusually fast - even when I'm not racing against the clock. So this is one of those "unscientific" tests! But it was fun.

By the way, the opening shots of the buses were filmed on London's Oxford Street (not at Trafalgar Square).

© DW 2017. *Oops! Misspelt Trafalgar in the video ... it's a typo, honest!

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