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Global 3000 studio, November 2015

I was born in London, educated in London and Cologne, and have ended up somewhere between Melbourne and the world, where I operate as a journalist, critic, and sometime songwriter/ music maker.

This website is an archive of my work in print, radio, television and online. It is not always up to date - and is by no means complete. Primarily, it is a 'hidden' resource for my use only. If, however, you wish to take a look around - please do. But please also read the following note on copyright.

A note on copyright

The newspaper articles and contributions to television and radio that can be found on this website were written, compiled and for the most part produced by me, Zulfikar G. Abbany.

However, as is common law in many places around the world, unless otherwise negotiated (which in my case it isn't), copyright lies with the respective publishers, and television and radio corporations. Some elements may even lie with news wire agencies.

This is at present a non-commercial web site.

I am counting on the goodwill of the publishers and broadcast corporations (which I indicate throughout as the copyright owners) and hope they see no harm in my reproducing here articles and reports, which contain a majority of my own independently sourced material and are predominantly the result of my own work, for archiving purposes only. I hope also that by providing visible links to their websites you might learn more about the things they do. But I am by no means responsible for any of the content on their - or any other external - sites.

If any of the respective publishers or broadcast corporations take issue with this site, I urge you to get in touch. I will, of course, if necessary, oblige by removing any offending items.

I have worked for the following companies and organisations as a writer and/or broadcaster and/or speaker and/or translator:

The Independent and The Independent on Sunday (UK). New Statesman (UK). Deutsche Welle (D). New Scientist (UK). The Observer (UK). The Age (AUS). The Scotsman (UK). ABC Radio National (AUS). Sydney Morning Herald (AUS). Penguin eBooks (UK). WDR5 (D). ABC Radio Australia (AUS). Australia Network (AUS). Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion (D). Dürbeck + Dohmen (D). DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga (D). Maritim-Film GmbH (D). Agentur Ost West (D). Fresh Frames (D). picturemusic&sound (D). European Vaccines Initiative (B).

Contact me: za [at] zulfikarabbany [dot] com. If you wish to contact me regarding my work at Deutsche Welle, please use this email address: zulfikar [dot] abbany [at] dw [dot] com

Attempting to explain Einstein's theories of relativity left me feeling a little nauseous...

NB: I am not responsible for any content on any external/third party websites, including for instance those of newspapers and magazines where my work was originally published, and soundcloud.