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Is 2017 the year human spaceflight returns?

This could be a special year for human spaceflight. Europe and the US are collaborating and progressing with the Orion spacecraft, and next week, SpaceX inaugurates a revamped launch site in part for human cargo. Read it on DW.COM

Matthias Maurer on his first day as an astronaut

Matthias Maurer is Europe’s new astronaut. He may have to wait five years before he flies, but he’s the patient sort. And that leaves him time to learn Chinese. He told DW why space is a unifying force. Read it on DW.COM or listen here.

Space: the Europe that works for the UK

Satellite launches and commercial spaceflight from spaceports dotted around the country. That's the future for UK space activities. The government has presented its plans in a Draft Spaceflight Bill.

Obfuscate! Keep our privates private online

Happy to bare - sorry - share all online? Surely one day we'll wish some things were private. Even as post-privacy activists or social media stars. Finn Brunton, co-author of "Obfuscate," on hiding your tracks online.

The greedy blackhole

Scientists discovered a blackhole that's been eating a star for more than a decade. The star could be twice the size of our sun. A TV cross with DW's Amrita Cheema.

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Brexit - A CISG debate

© The Center for International Security and Governance

That's me in the middle with the props, moderating a panel on Brexit at Bonn University on 30 January 2017. It was called "Brexit - Keep Calm and Carry On?" Organised by the Center for International Security and Governance, the discussion was an energetic exchange of ideas and, as you can imagine, a little (constructive) argument. But that's democracy... and entertainment!