Tube walk

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A public transport model built on open data

The UK capital London has transformed its public transport network into one that actually works. It's long used ticketing data to improve services. Now WiFi and Bluetooth could help with overcrowding. Read it here or on DW.COM

Interview: Krukowski and The New Analog

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Have we lost all feeling in a pursuit to perfect digital audio signals? Or can we readjust our ratio to noise? Musician Damon Krukowski says contextual sounds, like analog noise, stop us falling off our bikes. Read it here on DW.COM

Does the penis ever get bored?

It gets harder and harder for men to get hard as they age. Sorry, but it's true. Is it just that they're bored of sex or are there biological reasons for a lower sex drive?

On Twitter and tear gas

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We like to think our online and offline lives are separate things. But we're way past that. Our digital lives are now totally intertwined. "Twitter and Tear Gas" author Zeynep Tufekci tells DW why.

Who owns space? A guy called Dennis

If you think Earth is plentiful, wait until we get to space. Many thousands of near-Earth asteroids are littered with valuable minerals, and the moon miners are lining up for a dust rush. But one man is ahead of us all.

On sonic warfare

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Sound is a powerful device. It's used in war to disorientate the enemy, and in cities to hold back protesters or disperse "loitering" teenagers. Plus, it's "media friendly." So is sonic weaponry better than a gun?

European XFEL - Opening Ceremony

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The world's largest X-ray free electron laser, the European XFEL, started operation in September 2017, and I was very happy to have been asked to moderate the opening ceremony at Schenefeld outside Hamburg. About 800 guests attended, including Germany's Minister for Education and Research, Dr. Johanna Wanka, Professor Dr. Andrei Fursenko, the chief scientific advisor and aide to the president of the Russian Federation, Professor Dr. Frédérique Vidal, the French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, many other government heads, and the first scientists to be awarded "beam time". It was a real blast up there on the stage.